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Scaffold DApps Using @waku/create-app

This guide provides detailed steps to bootstrap your next @waku/sdk project from various example templates using the @waku/create-app package.


Initialise a new @waku/sdk template using any of the following methods:

npx @waku/create-app [PROJECT DIRECTORY]

Next, select a template to initialise your app from:

waku create app demo


If you have previously installed @waku/create-app globally, we recommend uninstalling the package to ensure that npx always uses the latest version.

Contributing new templates

We welcome and appreciate the contributions of templates for the @waku/create-app package. To contribute a template, please follow these steps:

  1. Create the template, ensuring it is user-friendly and thoroughly tested.
  2. Place the template in the examples folder in the js-waku-examples repository's root.
  3. Commit your changes with a detailed message and push them to your forked repository.
  4. Finally, submit a pull request to the js-waku-examples repository.
  5. Our team will carefully review and merge your submission upon approval.

Waku also provides bounties to encourage community members to contribute to the network and earn rewards. To participate in the bounty program, head to