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Getting Started


Waku has risks and limitations as it is still developing and preparing for extensive adoption. However, it is already demonstrating its capabilities by powering various applications. Join our community to stay updated on our progress.

Ready to integrate Waku into your application for private, secure, censorship-free communication? Explore the available SDKs and contribute by running a node.

Run a Waku node

The Waku Network is a decentralised, permissionless system where anyone can run nodes, use the network, and contribute to its support.

nwakuNim-based Waku implementation to run a standalone node and access the networkRun a Nwaku Node
nwaku-composePre-configured Docker Compose setup for running a RLN-enabled nwaku node with Grafana metrics dashboard (recommended)Run Nwaku with Docker Compose
go-wakuGolang-based Waku implementation to run a standalone node and access the networkCOMING SOON

Integrate using SDKs

Waku is implemented in multiple SDKs, allowing it to integrate with different languages and address various use cases efficiently.

@waku/sdkJavaScript/TypeScript SDK designed for browser environmentsJavaScript Waku SDK
@waku/reactReact components and UI adapters designed for seamless integration with @waku/sdkBuild React DApps Using @waku/react
nwakuNim SDK designed for integration with native Nim applicationsCOMING SOON
go-wakuGolang SDK designed for integration with Golang applications, includes C bindings for usage in C/C++, C#/Unity, Swift, and KotlinCOMING SOON
waku-rust-bindingsRust wrapper using go-waku bindings designed for integration in Rust applicationsCOMING SOON

Run on mobile devices

Waku provides integrations tailored for mobile applications, enabling Waku to run efficiently on mobile devices.

Swift (iOS)go-waku bindings for Swift applications to seamlessly integrate WakuCOMING SOON
Kotlin (Android)go-waku bindings for Kotlin applications to seamlessly integrate WakuCOMING SOON

More integrations

REST APIREST API interface provided by nwaku and go-waku to interact with the Waku NetworkWaku Node REST API Reference
@waku/create-appStarter kit to bootstrap your next @waku/sdk project from various example templatesScaffold DApps Using @waku/create-app

Check out the Waku Idea Board for creative project ideas and explore the limitless possibilities of the Waku protocol.